I have been trying to find my true calling ever since I was a kid. Throughout the course of life, I’ve jumped from one school to another, engaged myself to a number of hobbies, have taken the most in demand program in college, and changed jobs from/to service crew, department store bagger and call center agent just to name a few. In almost too many ways to count, none of them seemed to complete nor satisfy me.

It was when I started seeing other places that I’ve felt such glee that up to now I want to remember every single detail of all the travels I’ve made in the past. I want to feel that strong feeling of nostalgia again, I want to go back in time. Problem is, I am one of those who were not given an amazing memory prowess. All things considered, I have decided to create a personal journal and to start documenting all my experiences most especially the travel ones.

image 1.jpg

Bloggers have different reasons why they write. Some does it for a living while some of them just want to share their thoughts and experiences to others. Aside from being able to record my ideas and journeys, I also want to become a better thinker and a writer who provides compelling contents. Blogging could also help me meet new people whether it be through comments, e-mails, and/or social media. I want to form relationship with people who have the same interests as mine, some who also seeks to serve one another. One said “Blogging not only changes your life, it also changes the life of the reader”, and because of that, I’ve been much more inspired to blog, not just for me but also for the people who will be able to read my writings.

This is the very first article I’ve posted on my blog and I hope that I was able to at least write it the finest way a first timer could. If you have questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to let me know. Just click the Contact Tab on the menu section of this website. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


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